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This journal will be dedicated to photo-adventures, urban/rural exploration, or anything that might fall in line with that However, there will be a catch; descriptions must be as limited as possible so that you, the viewer can interpret the photo or series of photos however you’d like. An exception to this rule would be locations and/or dates.

The idea, is to tell a story through photos.

1. Nothing obscene or above a PG-13 level. Exceptions include graffiti contained in the image[s] or even humorously vandalized signs.
2. Images larger than 700x700 pixels must be put behind a cut.
3. Photo series must be put behind a cut.
4. No image descriptions. Excluding photo-adventure locations, or entry titles.
5. No trolling, flaming, or harassing other members.
7. Please don't hotlink from sites like Deviantart. If you need an image host, use Photobucket or Imageshack.
8. Spam, links to contests, irrelevant sites, or information will not be tolerated.

Any entries found violating these rules will be deleted.

To make a cut in your journal entries, use the following code:
< lj-cut text="texthere">
Post your image and description
< /lj-cut>
Remove the spaces between the '<' symbols and the text.